About us

Kochblume was born in 2010, in Germany, with only one purpose: to revolutionise your kitchen. This is the key to our company's success as a leading manufacturer of functional and innovative products, looking to make your life in the kitchen so much easier. 

With you and your cooking in mind, we combined usefulness with pleasure, providing all our products in a wide range of colours to make your kitchen moments even more fun. 

We ensure the best quality of our products, thanks to the excellent material used in the manufacturing process. All of our products are made with no toxic materials (BPA). The platinum silicone, an ideal material for the manufacturing of kitchen tools, is at the base of the development of our products, ensuring their durability and an ergonomic design. Platinum silicone is an odourless and colourless polymer, composed primarily of silicon, and it can be found naturally in sand, quartz and rocks. It is ideal for manufacturing products in the food sector.

Kochblume tools are 100% composed of food-grade platinum silicone, certified by the German LFGB and the American FDA, they resist to extreme temperatures up to 300º C and may be placed in the dishwasher. 

Kochblume is the revolution that your kitchen was missing. We contribute to our customers' satisfaction through a healthy, easy and tasty kitchen.